Size. Strength. Agility.

by The Throwups

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released December 22, 2016

Music and Lyrics by The Throw Ups

The Throwups are:
Vigilant Gary - Drums and vigilance
Generous Lover - Guitar, yells, and over the pants hand stuff
King Huge - Bass, shouts, and beef

Recorded by Dave Leonard at Secret Studios, San Francisco, Ca.



all rights reserved


The Throwups San Francisco, California

Three handsome, different-sized men beefin' it up.

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Track Name: The Fear
I think I might be dead.
Maybe dying, I can’t decide.
Like a weightless brick of lead,
Can’t tell my down from my upside.

Help I’ve fallen up the stairs,
And now I’m drowning in the sky,
I need to come down for air.
But I can’t move, I’m petrified.

Trapped in an imagined crowd,
The silence is getting loud.
My skin is on too tight,
And there’s no escape in sight.

I’ve got the fear.
Just give me an hour
I’ll be in the clear

And this is all my fault.
I’m the one to blame for this sensory assault.
I tell myself I won’t forget,
But I haven’t changed a god damned thing yet.

And I’ve got the fear again.
Track Name: Thought Leader
Got a kooky sense of humor
Got a vision for success.
Cold-pressed organic coffee junky
Rise every morning feeling blessed.
Social media ninja.
All opinions are my own.
Check out favstar if you need to
My online presence is well known
Cause I'm a thought leader.

Sharing endless leveraged content
Snatch up that low-hanging fruit
I was born to tell your story
My influence is absolute
I can help you to do great things
For all the boys and girls
My expertise is mission critical
Together we can change the world.
Cause I’m a thought leader.

I’m about the big idea
Unthink the common thoughts
We’ll rise above the fold
Revolutionize outside the box

Synergistic solutions
Discussing global opportunities
Hit up my PayPal with some bitcoins
We are not lacking in diversity
Director of new media
Remotely working; working hard
Beware the cloud systems analyst
As we whistle past the graveyard
Cause I'm a thought leader.
Track Name: Once More to the Breach
It’s raining sideways in my head.
My roads are closed, windows boarded up.
I’m frozen in my bed.
And I’m fucking tired.
My ten day forecast is a dying star
And I’m praying that it’s wrong.
I’m gone.

My seams grow weaker by the day
I’m springing leaks, weak at the knees,
My vision’s going gray,
And my brain’s rewired.
Now I just wait until the frenzy fades
So I can rest again.

So I try to write but the words all suck
I want to cry but I’m just too tough

Once more to the breach.
Dear friends I need you now,
Stay within my reach.
Once more to the breach,
It’s all that’s left of me.
Track Name: Cellar
One look and I knew what her face meant
Don't go in the basement.
Gave her fair warning, heard everyone tell her,
Don't go in the cellar.

Had to hide away, lest be found out,
Had to dig the ground out.
Seventeen years in the dark and the gloom,
Hid away in his room.

A boy was born, monstrous to behold,
Worse now that he's old.
What noise? I don't hear anything.
Stay out of the cellar.

Look away, don't watch him feed,
And stay out of the cellar.
God taketh, God giveth away,
Stay out of the cellar.
Track Name: Watching Stossel
I’m Itching for some punishment
We all need a reprimand.
Bludgeon me with my bootstraps
Show me that invisible hand.

Oh god I’m watching Stossel

Gonna wallow in the spite and smarm,
Like Ted Cruz without the charm.
I just can’t wait to watch you gloat
With one foot on a beggar's throat.

I know I'm a masochist
There’s still no excuse for this
I’m watching Stossel
And Christ it’s fucking awful

John, why can’t they give you a break?
They'll ever see the light.
The bums are always on the take.

Talk down to me
The way only you can.
You’ll never be Geraldo,
You’re still a horrible man.
Track Name: On the Screws
Rip off the mask, inhale the fumes
Ash engulfs in fits and plumes
You’re exposed, all you can do
Withstand the burn


See past the haze and embrace the blues
Light has always found a way through
It’s never looked like this before
There’s always been an open door

It all comes down to you
Don’t drop the baby
Don’t let it all fall through

So if you’re gonna take a swing,
Let out some shaft
And hit it on the screws.
Track Name: Let Go
Let go
It’s only downhill from here
You’re too slow
Gone & pissed away all your good years.
Using orthos for your spine
Body’s aching all the time
How’re you going to keep this up
And still be punching in by nine?

Let go
This shit cannot be good for your heart
And you know
You’ll only end up worse off than you start

Let go
And yell at your cloud
Just go
And stay away from large crowds

What’s grandpa doing?
He’s gotta quit this sht
What’s grandpa doing?
He’s gonna break a hip

Let go
Hell no